Wednesday, 11 March 2009

End Of Old Blog...

This is just a very brief entry, to say goodbye to my old blog. I had fully intended to start 2009 with a renewed committment to maintaining the blog, but just as I was about to tackle it again, my lovely Mum died, very unexpectedly and suddenly, and since then, I've felt absolutely no entheusiasm whatsover about the blog, my Flickr album, or even my website.
But some weeks down the line, life is starting to fall back into place again, so maybe it's time to get my act together and try to carry on where I left off, before Christmas.
So as a transitionary entry, I'll leave you with a few, very personal pictures, before I revamp my blog, ready for a fresh start.

See you in my new blog very soon!
Nia xx


Coburg Crafts said...

What great pictures, Nia. I take it that you're the little stunner in the middle photo! And W is the cheeky chappie in the bottom one.

Looking forward to your new blog.

Much love, as always,


Kiamyka said...

((((Nia))))) massive hugs for you I know how you are feeling . Let's hope the spring brings you a new enthusiasm - your talents will out! As I think of you i am reminded of a few of the lyrics from Helen Reddy's "I am woman" ..."And I'll come back even stronger , not a novice any longer cos you deepend the conviction in my soul...."
xx Chris

Nia said...

Thank you so much both. I'm currently swamped by boxes of old photographs, so I'm trying to make some sense of them, scanning the oldest and most important ones, and trying to work out who some people actually ARE!
These three are good ones of Mum, she looks so happy in all of them. I especially like the bottom one, taken in the front garden here when Will was small. Dad was still quite active then, it was before Parkinson's kicked in, and they would drive over about two or three times a week just to potter around on the farm. Happy days!

Mary said...

What lovely photos Nia! They are happy sunny moments.

I can't wait to see your new blog, when you are ready. Lots of hugs (nemea)

Nia said...

Thank you Mary! I plan on getting my revamped blog up and running next week, although I suspect I will also be working on a Family Tree at the same time, it's fascinating stuff.

Di said...

Your Mum looks beautiful Nia! Di x

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Nia to hear of your loss. They say time heals so don't expect too much of yourself in these early days. I see your creative flair has not left you.
Lovely happy photo's you have posted here.
Looking forward to your new blog

Kerrie Slade said...

Sorry I'm late Nia - I just wanted to say I was sorry to hear about your beautiful Mum and to send you some big beady hugs (((((((Nia)))))))

Kerrie x

Nia said...

Thanks so much Di, Pam and Kerrie. To my shame, I still haven't updated the blog. Now it's top of my list!