Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Deja Vu

I made an awful lot of these necklaces a few years ago! So much so that I eventually got very tired of them, even though I wear them myself every time I'm at a show or selling event.
I wore my orange ones (I wear two or three together) at the Smallholders and Gardens show last weekend, and so did another stallholder who had bought one from me a while back. Several people commented on them, and one lady asked if she could buy one! Now I'm not that desperate that I have to sell my jewellery from around my neck, so I rooted through my stock and found one left, in muted browns and greens. Result - one happy customer.
Anyway, I decided maybe it was time to make a few more, ready for the summer, so this little crop of Summer Silvers came to life over the weekend.
More about the Smallholders show next time.
Nia xx


HazelB Handweaver said...

Oh heck. I wear the one I bought from you a lot. So if you are making more it will drive me mad at the International Eisteddfod. They will be calling out to me 'buy me buy me'LOL

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful designs! They really have a unique look! ~Val