Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Green and Pleasant...

Spring is a lot later here than in many parts of the UK, we are quite high up in the hills so the soil is much colder. There is never any point planting vegetables any earlier than now, they simply wouldn't grow.
So the veggie plot has now been rotovated, and hopefully by the weekend will be full of neat rows of edibles to see us through the year.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!
Nia xx


HazelB Handweaver said...

Send some of that grass growing weather up here. The farmers must be really worried as it's only just starting to grow,I noticed the other day some are still feeding hay to sheep. I agree our soil is still really cold. Though the weeds seem to like it!!!!

Cathy said...

Veg plot? That's a farm!! I just have 3 x3foot square beds near the kids' swing and trampoline!
Look forward to seeing what you grow