Monday, 28 March 2011

The Bumper Bracelet Bonanza!

Is there such a thing as a collective noun for bracelets? If not, then there should be, for at the moment, I seem to have one!
I'm really not sure why, but over the last few weeks, bracelets have been proving to be more popular than ever. From glass to gemstones, silver to pearls, with all possible combinations in between.
This is really handy because I adore making bracelets, although sizing them can often be challenging, especially if I'm making one to a customer's specifications. But we somehow work something out, and I tend to get the size right more often than not!
So today's eyecandy consists of bracelets - some new, some sold, some simple, some statement pieces, a few yet to be hallmarked, and one or two available for sale.

Right, I think that's enough bracelet eyecandy for one day.
Now I need to go and design more...... bracelets.
I hope it's still sunny where you are, it's another lovely day here again.
Nia xx


HazelB Handweaver said...

There are all fantastic

Becky said...

what a fabulous collection !! and they are all gorgeous :))

Nia said...

Thank you very much Hazel and Becky!

Anonymous said...

They are all just beautiful but I love "silver angel".

Nia said...

Thank you Sandi! And thanks so much for taking the time to comment.