Sunday, 6 March 2011

Colouring In.

I love a challenge, and colour matching jewellery is just my favourite thing.
A customer is interested in this necklace

But she would like matching earrings to go with it. Now I can't use lampwork, as the entire set of boro beads, made by the lovely Fiona Sands, went into the necklace.
So I colour matched the glass as closely as possible using a mix of gemstones and pearls, and created cluster style earrings, which not only blend in with the necklace, but would look great as wear-alone, summer jewellery.

That was my challenge for the weekend. I hope I've succeeded!
Nia xx


Kebo Jewellery said...

That is a great colour match Nia, good job! I hope the customer likes them.

KEBO Jewellery

Nia said...

Thanks Kelly, lets hope so!

Becky said...

They are lovely earrings Nia, love the colours and they look great with the lampwork :))

Nia said...

Thank you, Becky. I suppose the advantage of matching up with boro glass is that I have so many tones and colours to choose from, rather than a "solid" colour.

Moon Stumpp said...

Ooooo...I'm so glad I found your blog!!! Lovely work, as always!

Nia said...

You mean my sorely neglected and frequently ignored (by me) poor little blog! Thanks Moon!

Anonymous said...

The lampwork used for the necklace were amazing!