Friday, 11 March 2011

Coming Full Circle

This little china donkey was the first gift I remember buying as a child, with no help from my parents. We were on holiday in a little North Cornwall village called Trelights, and went on a visit to the pretty little village of Clovelly just over the border in Devon, famous for it's incredibly steep street, and the donkeys which were traditionally used to carry everything the villagers needed up and down the cobbled lane.
I must have been about seven years old at the time, and I remember feeling very proud as I chose, and paid for out of my own pocket money, the little donkey for my Grandmother, Aunty Val and Uncle Graham, who lived in the small village of Felindre, just outside Swansea.

My Grandmother died many years ago, but my Aunty Val and her husband Graham continued living in the family home, which is where my father was born and raised, until they too passed away, both, very sadly, from cancer.
They didn't have children of their own, so the task of sorting out the contents of the house has fallen to myself, and my cousin. She lives a lot closer to Felindre than I do, so she has undertaken much of the work, but I've been going there every week, and we have now reached the final stages of tackling several generations worth of posessions.
When we were sorting out a cabinet containing glassware and china trinkets, I found the donkey. I instantly remembered that summer's day in Clovelly, and how pleased my Grandmother looked when I presented them with the gift. So the donkey is now here with me, it's come full circle.

(With Val, Graham and the corgis, Cymro and Sian)
(On a family holiday in St. Agnes, Cornwall, with Mum, Val and Graham)
(Val with our William when he was a baby. He's now 22! I love this photo).
Enjoy your weekend,
Nia xx


Gemheaven said...

Lovely pics Nia ~ we're sorting out my Nan's house at the moment ~ she hasn't passed on but due to dementia had to move into a Nursing home. Some of the things we've found have made us laugh and some have made~ cry ~ thinking of you x

Nia said...

Oh that's sad Jo, I'm so sorry. We've had quite a few laughs too, going through old photos especially. Some lovely memories. And I was thrilled to find the donkey!